Adrian… In The Flesh

Hi there.

Next Saturday is a big occasion in the history of DSOTW when, despite the band having been in existence for 22 years, we see the debut of only our 3rd lead guitarist. Taking on that David Gilmour mantle, and following in the footsteps of firstly John Wall and more recently Andy Nixon, the extremely talented Adrian Stokes will make his debut with the band at Norden Farm Centre For The Arts on Saturday 2nd June. If we could have hand-picked somewhere for the occasion it could well have been this place… it’s an amazing venue with a beautiful and unique character all of it’s own. We’ve performed here twice previously and simply love the place. Tickets are available via the venue’s website:

This will be followed by our annual show at The Benn Hall Venue in Rugby on Saturday 30th June. Tickets are sale for that now. Check out our ‘Live’ page for details.

Look forward to seeing you at one of the shows soon!