Pete Taz Morgan
Pete 'Taz' Morgan

Born: 30th March – Pembroke Dock, Wales
Equipment Earlham Series 2 Alto. Amati Tenor.
Hand-built special edition P. Mauriat 302g Baritone
DSOTW debut: The Arches, Coventry (October 2010)


I’ve been playing the sax for nine years now. I started on the alto and play an Earlham series
2. I soon moved onto the tenor of which I play an Amati. These are great saxes and are built
like tanks. My baritone, however, is my favorite sax of all. This one is rather nice too, it’s a
hand built ‘special’ made by P. Mauriat. The body is made from rose brass and fitted with
gold key work. It has a lovely light action and is ideal for ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’.
Being a low B# model, it makes it somewhat lighter than the low A versions.

I’ve been playing sax with ‘Dark SIde Of The Wall’ since October 2010 and I have enjoyed
every one of the gigs that I’ve performed at. As many of you know, they are a very
professional group of musicians and I still find it a great honour to play with them. Never
before have I seen a group of people enjoy what they do so much. Long may it last.