Mick Freeman
Mick Freeman

Born: 11th November, Ash Green, Near Coventry
Equipment Lead Vocals. Tambourine, Cow Bell (F***in Loud!)
Occasional Keyboards (Jon’s!)
DSOTW debut: St Peters Social Club Netherseal (October 2004)


Late starter doesn’t even come into it where I’m concerned. DSOTW were my first ever band
and I joined them at the ripe old age of 46! I had always liked Pink Floyd since a mate of mine
brought his brand new copy of Dark Side Of The Moon into school (yes – I did go) one day
in 1973, and a crowd of us listened to it at lunchtime in the Chemistry Lab.

Years later, when my old pal Cossy told me he was in a band and would I like to come to a
gig, I thought why not? That band was DSOTW and my interest in Floyd was immediately
rekindled. I started buying the albums, went to lots of DSOTW gigs, and was hooked.

I had always sung at parties and attempted to strum a few tunes on the guitar and also had
many drink-fuelled Karaoke sessions, which seemed to be well received by family and
friends… “You should be on stage” was normally the comment I would get. So when DSOTW
were actively looking for a new lead singer back in 2004, Cossy literally dragged me along
to a rehearsal and, after a couple of stiff drinks in a pub across the road, he introduced me
to the band. That led to a more formal audition later on – and here I am – over 100 gigs under
my belt now, and still lovin’ it!