John Murdock
Jon Murdock

Born: Sometime in the 1960s!
Equipment: Fender USA Telecaster. Yamaha acoustic guitars.
KORG X5D Keyboard. Crate 60watt guitar amp.
Torque 100watt keyboard amp. Zoom 505 Effects Pedal.
DSOTW debut: St Peters Social Club Netherseal (October 2004)


I play rhythm guitar, keyboard and backing vocals. In addition to playing with DSOTW, I also
teach guitar and write my own songs. I have just completed some new material and plan on
doing some recording this summer.

I started playing guitar when I was thirteen, taking lessons at school. I later took an interest
in the piano and purchased an old upright from a local scrapyard for just £5! I received some
piano tuition for about a year, until leaving school at the age of sixteen.

A few years later I stopped playing altogether for several years, until I went back to playing
classical guitar and performing my own songs at folk clubs. I have played in a couple of
bands over the years, learning much about the challenges and pleasures of performing live
music. Artists enjoy listening to include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Bob
Dylan and of course Pink Floyd.

I joined DSOTW in October 2004, making my debut in a ‘warm-up’ gig for the new line up at
Netherseal only a few days after my audition. I remember still learning ‘Run Like Hell’ via the
car stereo outside in the car park just before the gig! And nine years on, I’m still here!